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The best tool fo STEAM education.
  • Allow students to create in completely new ways.
  • Incorporating 3D printing methods into their curriculums.
  • Bridges the gap from ideas and images on a page or screen.
  • Offering the ability for low-cost rapid prototyping by students in the classroom.
Achieve your prototyping and production needs.
  • Offer big advantage over more traditional engineering processes.
  • Provide significant way to engineering processes.
  • From shorter leadtimes in prototyping to the creation of complex internal structures.
  • Need your special requirements.
Save your time and cost.
  • Originally developed as a faster alternative of prototyping.
  • Versatility and flexibility, perfect for small-scale manufacturing and prototyping.
  • Your prototype can be sitting on your desk in hours, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Allows companies to produce on a case-by-case basis.
Make surgery easier.
  • Most common applications of 3D printing: transparent aligners and night guards.
  • Creates a crown to replace the broken part.
  • Oral surgeries need to be very precise, and dental 3D printing has made precision easy.
  • Doctors can print a model of the patient’s mouth, and verify that their implant, crown, or aligner will fit with precision.
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