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APOLLO3D Mercury



ME is a simple and easy kit for engineers because this also comes pre-assembled. In fact, this is almost ready-to-print . All you need to do is mouth the extruder set and install the filament.
If you just follow the instructions well, you will complete the set up in just 5 to 10 minutes and Mercury can give you first 3D print. Setting up this 3D printer is much easier compared to other units in its price range.
From there, you can start your first 3D printing. Aside from the fast set-up, it delivers high-quality print. You will love this more because it operates quietly.
Don’t expect it to be completely silent but it’s neither noisy. You could also customize different sizes of heat bed to help you print a fixed size model.
Biger than Biger-Coutom-fit with your need
Visual Prototype-Hold the 3D design in your hand
Print your cool ideas and other's cool designs
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