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Quick Start

Your TestModel Download here. Save to your SD Card or USB stick, Plug and Play right now.


Step1: Leveling

(1) Start by tightening down all the screws so you have more room to work with.
(2) Home to Z minimum, then send it to Z 0 manually, the Z parameter is 0 in the touchscreen.
(3) Jog the printer above each screw, putting a piece of paper between the nozzle and the bed.
(4) Loosen the screw until the paper is getting squished between the nozzle and the bed only slightly. You want the still be able to move it, but feel a little bit of resistance to it.
(5) Repeat this step for each screw.

Step2: Loading Filament

(1) Wait for the extruder to heat: Use the touch screen to select Preheat—Add, Set Extrusion temperature at 190 ° C.
(2) Use the touch screen to select Extrusion—Add, Set about 50-100mm, Ensure the length can be smoothly threaded.
(3) Cut the end of your filament to create a clean edge.
(4) Grasp the top of the extruder assembly and push the filament into the extruder's loading tube until you can feel the motor pulling the filament in.
(5) Wait until you see plastic emerging from the extruder nozzle before pressing the control panel dial to finish the filament load process.
(6) Fit the filament guide tube securely into the extruder's loading tube.
NOTE: Be very CAREFUL as the extruder can be very HOT!!

Step3: Print Start-up

(1) You could download the TestModel to save your SD Card or USB stick, Plug and Play right now.
A) Print from SD Card
Tap[Tools]- SD Card icon on the touch screen, choose printed files saved in internal SD Card already.
Print from USB stick Tap[Tools]-USB stick icon on the touch screen, choose printed files saved in USB stick already.
(2) Put some glue sticks on the platform to ensure that the printed model can be firmly attached to the platform.

Step4: Model Removal

Warning! Be careful of your body position when using manual tool to remove the model from build plate. Sudden tool slippage and improper body position may cause injury.
Caution: Do not scratch build plate when removing the model. Scratches in build plate will cause modeling errors.

A) Model cooling
Let build plate and model cool down themselves when printing without using glue stick, you can remove model easily from build plate.
B) Use scraper
Remove model with a scraper when model still attached to the build plate after cooling. Keep the scraper parallel to build plate, and insert it into model bottom, you can remove model successfully.
If necessary, remove build plate from the printer, then remove model from build plate with a scraper.

C) Use water
If glue stick is used when printing, and neither of above methods is effective, wash build plate with warm water to dissolve the glue after taking build plate from the printer.
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